Anonymous asked: Okay I wont say anything unless they ask :) The doctor did do one of those plans thats why I spoke to a nurse :) That's really good! Hopefully it all works out well for you :)

haha don’t stress… you’ll be fine. I know it!!! haha thanks heaps :D keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous asked: Thank you :) So i don't need to tell them about the plan? Just kinda concerned if they find out and I get in trouble haha :) How are you going with your application?

haha honestly its up to you whether you tell them or not, but personally if you werent diagnosed with anything serious and it was just stress that made you anxious, then it shouldn’t matter. I mean my doctor told me not to tell them about my broken arm!!! and he was military medic! … personally It think you’re fine :) and if they do ask or bring it up, just explain to them truthfully that you were stressed and spoke to the doctor about it, but felt you weren’t that stressed to need an actual mental health plan or anything, instead you  just picked yourself up and went on :)

My application is about to start up again!!! Whoo hoo for me!!!.. it was on hold for the past year, but hopefully it’ll be back on track soon!!! :D

Anonymous asked: oh man the Doctor did do one of those plan things but I never went through with any of it cos I didn't need it? I never saw a psych or anything? The YOU Session went really well though :)

if you didnt go through with any of the plans, then there shouldn’t be any records of you having done the plans :D and since you didn’t see a psych you were never diagnosed with any illness so you should definitely be ok!!!

thats great to hear that your session went well!!! all you need now is to hear from your case manager and keep moving forward!

Anonymous asked: I'm completely fine now, so I should just mention it on assessment day? I wont get in trouble or anything? haha

haha i think you will be fine!! Unless you had some sort of mental health plan done or a breakdown and wasn’t coping whatsoever, I dont think they’ll hold it against you… you were purely just stressed :D

How did the rest of your YOU session go though?? I hope it all goes well for you!

Anonymous asked: Hi so I had my YOU session on monday, and with the medical questionnaire in the mental health section I ticked no to everything, but about 8 months ago I saw a doctor because I was feeling anxious, I saw a nurse about it and she said there were no issues just stress. Should I call my case manager and let them know? Or is it not an issue? kind of worried about it haha. Is there a way they can find out?

I believe per client/patient confidentiality they won’t have access to any of your records unless your nurse/doctor had made it public due to any concern for your immediate life/well-being.

Not that I should say, but I ticked no for my anxiety as well and they questioned nothing about it, only the PTSD which i fully disclosed.
I think from my experience, no one has yet to question me on my medical records with my psychologist or my doctor unless I had disclosed it. Given that though, if your anxiety is just stressed and nothing major mental health related I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem.

Everyone gets stressed, they’re more concerned about your coping mechanisms and your support structure. In the medical questionnaire, even though it says stress and anxiety, my understanding is that it is more concerned to long-term anxiety and long-term stress.

When I spoke to my ex-military doctor, he told me the same thing, basically said unless you feel that the anxiety was a mental health issue, and one that could potentially cause problems when you’re in the defence force, it shouldn’t matter because everyone is anxious and stress all the time anyways.

Honestly, i have no clue if i answered this question… (long day!) but personally i dont think you need to stress too much on it, if you are worried you can sort of just mention it in the next interview when they bring up normal interview questions like “what is the most stressful thing you’ve experience?” or “describe a stressful time in your life?”…. you can use that to your advantage and just be like you did feel stressed and a little anxious about something, but it wasn’t mental health related, just too much stress and sought advice on how to better your time management….etc…


I don’t think I can reach the required level of adequacy for any job.

Don’t put yourself down :) if you can pass high school and make it into uni you can surely do anything!!! We just need to work for what we want. And you’ll be surprised!
I didn’t finish my math component and still got GSO & MP as my possible options!! :D
Keep your chin up and keep going

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this is a pain, but can you list every sort of document that we should bring to our YOU Session, even if they only might need it. Also, I've been given advice to speak to someone directly in the role you're interested in; do you have any advice on how to get in contact with someone?

Hrms lets see.. i’ll list for you the documents I took with me.

I basically took all of my identification; passport, drivers license, birth certificate. I also took in smaller ID’s like my medicare, health care card and all, mainly because my legal name and preferred names are different. These are mainly to verify your identity.

I then took with me a resume, with 2 references (one from a police officer i know and trust), all of my rewards in high school (principles awards and all) because I grew up in a whole bunch of leadership roles i figured they would be relevant.

I was advised the same as well. what I did was email the Corporal i spoke to at the YOU session about getting in touch with a GSO. Or a RMC cadet. He basically organized everything, that is until i was declined from the ADF. But if you want, best idea is to contact any barracks in your area, or even join one of the live chats that the ADF does on facebook. I’ve joined many chats and they’re great to understand what a day in the life of a military personnel is like.

Another way to get into contact with someone is to just go to the local recruit center. Everyone there is an active serving member, they might not be who you are after but they certainly can help point you into the right direction :)

Anonymous asked: I've got my You Session coming up in Feb, how do you recommend preparing for it? For the Army.

Whoo hoo… feb thats great!

There’s a few things I’d suggest you should do or research.

Firstly, do you roughly know which area of the Army you want to be in? Like job wise or general entry or officer role? If so make sure you research as much as you can about that role, but also keep your mind open to the suggestions that the counselors give you on the day too.

Secondly, prepare as much as you can for the test. Its broken up into 2 sections. General Aptitude and a Math component. They generally aren’t that difficult, but it is timed. They’re designed to be very tight on time to the point where you might not even finish the full component. (I didn’t finish the Math component with 10 questions remaining I think). My most important advice for the tests are not to WAIT TOO LONG on a question.. after a minute just click and answer and move on! You’d rather have a 25% chance of getting it right than not finishing it at all. Secondly for the math component KNOW YOUR TRIGONOMETRY! (sin, cos, tan)… those questions came up so much on my test i almost cried!… Finally don’t stress if you finish before everyone else, or you feel you are going too fast. Everyone works differently and it is timed. Just do your best and be confident!

I also suggest to dress like you are going to a job interview. This is only a YOU session. You are not obligated to continue with your application after the session, but if you were, better to make a great first impression than a lousy one!

Have all of your documents ready! Come with anything and everything that you think would come in handy to help them realize the potential you have and the person you are will be beneficial to the defence force. I came with my resume, my ID’s, character references, awards and merits from school and uni and anything that proved to them that I was a leader and a confident one at that. it will also save trouble later if they have to ask for it.

Finally, BE CONFIDENT. BE YOURSELF. Don’t be fake, don’t be someone you’re not. Show them who you are. Show them you are a confident person and give them a reason to want you in the army. Don’t just tell them why you want to be in the army, but show them that they want you!
 Im at a mental blank at the moment, but if I haven’t been able to anwser your questions properly please let me know and I’ll try my hardest to come up with more! A few people have asked the same questions, so feel free to scroll through and see what they’ve asked :)

All the best with your application!!

Anonymous asked: The issue doesn't exist. Silly teenage angst. I never saw a psych or anything, my parents never knew. Theres no evidence other than the scars themselves. Only one is bad. and very visible, the rest not so much. The one bad one i have come up with a story for. Did they ask you straight up what those scars were from? Should just tell them the truth? Thanks for your help.

Good news is the issue doesn’t affect you anymore which means you’ve moved on from it. Personally I didn’t tell them how the scars came about, I merely told them that I had an accident of some sort when the nurse saw my hand. Honestly I don’t think she would have even noticed if the scar wasn’t on my hand (I punched through glass a while back - same reasons as you, silly teenage phase)
On the preliminary documents you receive for the YOU session, there will be a medical questionnaire. Some of it will ask “have you suffered from depression”… “Have you self harmed in the past”… “Have you suffered from anxiety”.., and so forth.
Personally, I answered all no to mine and only yes to the PTSD one because I felt that my scars from when I was a teenager wasn’t anything important. My PTSD I disclosed because, even though my doctor told me not to, I felt that if I were going into a career where I am reliant on my team and they to me, I needed to be at my best :)

If you never saw a psych, and feel you don’t need a psych then I’m sure you’ll be alright. If you do disclose you’re information, they’ll most likely request for you to see one and have then do a psych analysis to determine you’re mentally fit :)

Anonymous asked: My legs have minor self harm scars. Will I still be allowed into the army?

Do you feel that the issue that caused your scars still exist or have you come to pass it.?? I can understand how you feel those scars might affect you, but I don’t think it’ll stop you from getting into the military unless they feel you haven’t dealt with your issues.
When I went for my YOU session I had a few visible scars from some anger lashes and they didn’t fuss too much over that as much as they did about the mental side of my PTSD. With that they just told me to have a letter from a psychologist to prove it no longer affects me.

The worst they’ll ask for is evidence that the issues no longer affect you. However as my doctor (ex army medic) tells me, you are free to choose not to disclose any information as such if you don’t want to.

Personally I think you’ll be alright.
I’m sorry if I’m not much of help :(